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So who are we and what do we do?
Making friends, one at a time..
At Millea Creative Solutions we have very talented programmers with a wide variety of programming skills ranging from PHP to Python, HTML to Javascript, sqlite to MySql and plenty in between!

We are not designers, we are coders! If you have an image already, we can replicate it easily enough and know our way around Photoshop however, we don't claim to be 'professionals' in this field.

Have no fear though, should your project require extensive graphic design work, we have 'go-to' guys who are excellent at what they do, leaving us to concentrate on what we do best - which is writing the code that brings your project to life!
I take great pride in offering clients what's best for them, even if sometimes that means it's not us!
Making friends, one at a time..
By sticking to this principle, I know you'll be happy to recommend us to your friends and business collegues.

I like to think we're making new friends, one at a time..
Pete Millea